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Here Gryzor87. I love music, videogames and synthesizers. Especially those classic videogames and films of the eighties. Please feel free to browse around my website and see the stuff: Albums (finished music), Collaborations (with other authors), Other works (such as tutorials, manuals, etc) and WIP (work in progress projects). If you want to listen to some clips, please visit the PORTFOLIO SELECTIONS.

Have fun and enjoy.


Latest works

Super Battle Princess Madelyn

This is the exclusive arcade version manufactured by Exa-Arcadia and developed byMonster Bath Studios. It has a selection of completely new themes emulating the… +info

Mutants from the Deep OST

Mutants From the Deep is a video game created by Locomalito and adapted to MSX by Manuel Pazos and Fernando García. I have composed… +info

The Abduction of Oscar Z

Este juego está hecho para ordenadores Amstrad CPC 464 de 8 bits y fue galardonado en #CPCRetroDev 2020 con estos premios:-Mejor juego-Mejor dirección técnica-Mejor… +info

Relevo’s Snowboarding OST

Relevo’s Snowboarding is a MSX videogame created by Relevo. I have composed the OST in collaboration with composer José Vicente Masó (WYZ). We have… +info

Gryzor87 Portfolio Selection

Here you can taste different pieces, styles and ways of composition sorted by groups: