Crimzon Clover World Ignition

Crimzon Clover World Ignition OST

This soundtrack can be purchased as DLC from the fantastic danmaku CRIMZON CLOVER WORLD IGNITION, by the Japanese author Yotsubane.


The music has been created with the sole purpose of making an exciting experience for the player. Since the very first idea (track 27) to the elaborated ending (track 26), we have been working to match each musical element with the gameplay. I would like to thank DJ P.I.N.O. López for D’n’B training.


Listen to some samples:

Track Listing

  1. United Force (Main Title)
  2.  Reloading (Options Menu)
    AREA 1:
  3. Ocean Raid
  4. Ground Machine
    AREA 2:
  5. Against the Wind I
  6. Against the Wind II
  7. Bullet Vortex
  8. Next Step? (Stage Clear)
    AREA 3:
  9. Poisonous Morphing I
  10. Poisonous Morphing II
  11. Cyber Orchid
    AREA 4:
  12. Air Speed Hero I
  13. Air Speed Hero II
  14. Flying Nightmare
    AREA 5:
  15. Last Strike Under the Rain
  16. No Retreat
  17. Devil’s Sphere
  18. Evil Grinder
  19. Killer Grinder
  20. Triumph I (Last Stage Clear)
  21. Majestic Stars (Ranking)
  22. The Loss I (Game Over A)
  23. The Loss II (Game Over B)
  24. The Ultimate Challenge (Time Attack Mode)
  25. Triumph II (Last Stage Clear)
  26. Crimzon Ride (Victory on Parade) (Ending)
  27. First Idea
  28. Menu A
  29. Menu B
  30. Menu C
  31. Menu D
  32. Stage Clear B
  33. Final Area Beta
  34. Game Over C
  35. Victory on Parade (MSX-SCC Soundchip)


© 2016 Composed, recorded and performed by Gryzor87.