Early Mock ups (1990-2003?)


Everybody’s got to learn, nobody’s born knowing.

Here you can find some of my first attemps to record music in my teens. There was no home internet and in the beginning I hadn’t computer or software. There are covers of famous tunes (TV shows, rock bands, videogames) and also original stuff. I dreamt of making great symphonies, rock pieces and videogame soundtracks (and nowadays I do so) 🙂

I used to record and arrange those pieces with a Yamaha SY-55, KORG 05/R, Casio CZ-230S, YAMAHA MT4X multitrack and my brother Jacobo did some nice job with his guitar&amps. Hope you enjoy those mockups:


Group 1 (1990-1998): Multitrack, synths & guitars (all guitars by my brother Jacobo, vocals by Nicko the Greek):

Original stuff:

Cover stuff:

Group 2 (1999-2004): First computer + Nuendo + Synths + Guitars (all guitars by my brother Jacobo, vocals by Ana León & Raúl Punishment):

Original stuff (those are nice ones, hehe):

Cover stuff: