Hydorah OST


Hydorah is a free indie game designed for classic shoot em up players, who still love clean designs and challenging adventures.

This massive soundtrack was developed in three years.

Track listing:

rencontre tunisienne de france With a little comment of each piece

  1. fundamentally First Contact: This piece is suited for the opening sequence. A big spacecraft threaten from above. The war is about to begin.
  2. http://mikita.com.pl/?rabocheemesto=lokale-dla-singli-warszawa&821=3f Title screen: It is used for the screen where ‘press start’ is blinking. Direct and intriguing.
  3. Take off: This is the sequence: Coronel > Pilot > Green light to the operation!
  4. Outer wall: This piece had to be interesting enough to show something exciting and addictive when it comes to play a ‘shoot’em up’ game. I put all my efforts is composing this.
  5. Under attack: A short piece for an intense battle. It had to be shocking and get under your skin!
  6. Cyclades liberation: Another theme for an action stage, with a catchy melodies easy to sing.
  7. Into the rock: This stage takes place in a cavern. These echoes are put just on the snare drums and the overall to create that sensation of wide cavern. Also we have an action mood for this piece.
  8. Prepare to die: The name says it all. This is a fight to the death.
  9. Interlude: This piece is intended to be a little rest where you can get some extra power. The mood is quiet and reflective.
  10. Robot Chase: A mood to match a little robot that catches you off-guard. An easy-going tune that can be cheerful and even a little cheeky.
  11. Orbital tree: A challenging track. Rhythm is not usual and bass treatment too. Progressive rock maybe…
  12. Verminest: I wanted to compose something dark and quiet, mysterious and synthesized. That theme was used on the ‘bugs’ planet’.
  13. Space creature: That was for a special boss like a big plant or an alien queen. Strange and dark.
  14. Dunarys: With a windy effect, that piece was intended to ornament a sand planet, full of 80’s synthesizers.
  15. Dunarys II: That piece is for a mysterious temple. It has a quiet and ‘explorer’ mood.
  16. Hard rain: Only for getting you on your nerves where you have to take cover of falling rocks.
  17. Rubinia: That was a very challenging track, with non standard rhythm and arrangements.
  18. The oracle: A riddle is hidden in one planet. But this riddle will be also out from the game itself.
  19. Select: Background music to choose weapons and several options.
  20. Coronel: Background music while the coronel is speaking.
  21. Battlefront: That group of pieces are intended to squeeze the maximum of the game climax. It’s a very important moment and this is the ultimate battle to decide the future of your planet. Epic and 100% adventure music.
  22. Battlefront II: One hint. Please listen to track No. 04 “Outer wall” and then think a little. That melody…
  23. Battlefront III: This piece has an accelerando or tempo increasing. At the end is just like a non stop train…Kill or die.
  24. Battlefront IV: One more hint. Please listen to track No. 02 “Main title” and think again. That rhythm…
  25. Berserk: Well, something close to ‘heavy metal’ to get you on your nerves while fight against the boss.
  26. One great victory: this piece is for an important mid-sequence of the game.
  27. Storm eye: The aim is to twist your senses and create an unreal environment. This is a ‘trance’ track.
  28. Untulia: Action mood for this icy planet..
  29. Red eden: First developed for an indoor temple, then it was used for a dangerous chasing.
  30. Meroptian menace:  A little piece for a minor fighting. A simple and direct one.
  31. Klaverona I (and II): That piece was already composed long time ago, but only in concept. when Locomalito asked me to participate in HydoraH, I had the opportunity to include this special piece which I conceived for a videogame before I met him.
  32. Klaverona II
  33. Path of Scylla: Here is a cool piece for the videogame: a full song with vocals and choirs included. That action mood encourages you to the maximum performance and control for the plane.
  34. Moa urdz: That theme is supported on the bass riff, with genuine videogame style like old school ones.
  35. Black gate: Simply an atmosphere track suited for a riddle.
  36. Black gate descent: Mystery and suspense while your ship is going down the abyss.
  37. Evil seed: Simply an atmosphere track suited for a new riddle.
  38. No mercy: I love the famous heavy metal band Judas Priest, and this is a little homage to them and their unmistakable style. This is the boss rush area. Pure heavy metal!
  39. Meropticon: This piece is intended to create a proper atmosphere at the gates of Meropticon, the final area.
  40. Meropticon II: This is used for Meropticon first area, a place full of dangers where you have to dodge bullets and obstacles like a master.
  41. Meropticon III: This is a little joke: It is a boss like before, and the piece starts exactly like track No. 08 (Prepare to die), but this time I included a fast baroque mood based on flute’s riff and harpsichord’s melodies, since that area is like a baroque palace. A little speed-metal one.
  42. Meropticon IV: This is based on a Baroque Requiem, and some electronic rhythm is added to create modern mood for a shoot’em up game. A bit epic one.
  43. Meropticon V: When you cross the ‘alarm area’ you enter a new place, unexplored and darker than ever. I wanted to create new and unexplored music for this, a piece of music which makes you say: What the….is this?¿¿?. Strange and odd.
  44. Evil Garden: When HydoraH (the final enemy) is showed bit by bit, I wanted to create something weird and really odd, a piece of music never heard before in the game. this is the result.
  45. Evil god hydorah: Another piece of music to get you on your nerves.
  46. Somet nac: That final song was composed with true C64 sound emulation and chords. Also PSG sound is heard in some parts as homage to 8-bit computer music, especially the MSX that I owned in the 80’s.
  47. Game over: There were up to three candidates for ‘Game Over’ music and this was the winner.
  48. Into the black gate: That mysterious song has melodic excerpts from seven famous videogames. Do you dare to name them all?
  49. The explorer: That song was created to celebrate a special achievement with a marching band.
Hydorah OST © 2010 All pieces are copyrighted material.