La Suite des Morts

La Suite Des Morts


L’Abbaye des Morts. The Orchestral Suite (2010)

The idea came from a trip to Castell’Arquato (North of Italy), where I found an ancient chapell (from 758 A.C.) and that visit made me think of L’abbaye des Morts OST, but played with a pipe organ. Then I thought on composing an entire orchestral suite based on monophonic chiptune music from ‘L’Abbaye…’, and this is the result.

Track Listing:

Running time 8:05

  1. L’Abbaye des Morts (at 0:01)
  2. Escape! (at 0:44)
  3. Area: Church (at 2:07)
  4. A Prayer of Hope (at 2:56)
  5. Area: Cavern (at 3:40)
  6. Area: Hell (at 4:45)
  7. The Believer (at 5:19)
  8. Evil Fight (at 6:04)
  9. Finale (at 7:13)


© All pieces are copyrighted material. Image composition based on “Death as a cutthroat” engraved by Alfred Rethel in 1851.

La Suite des Morts