Miscellaneous Stuff

misc stuff

Here is that remainder material or simply single pieces of music. You can listen to some of them:

  1. Vampire Overture I. This is an orchestral track inspired by Dracula’s movies and Castlevania’s videogames.
  2. RagTime by Gryzor87. I love that ragtimes and piano marches by the early 20th century. This piece is inspired by those great compositions.
  3. Saloon II Gryzor87. Another ragtime, but played in a bad-condition-Honky-Tonk piano. I wanted to make it raw and old-fashioned.
  4. Shadows. That track was written, recorded and produced for my old band ‘Stranger Here’. I don’t know how to describe it. Better give it a listen.
  5. 7eventyNine. Another track from ‘Stranger Here’ band in 70’s disco style mood.


© All pieces are copyrighted material.