Sounds & Shadows

Sounds And Shadows During the development of Hydorah, L’abbaye des Morts, Pxtone Manual or Viriax, I’ve been recording this CD in parallel, track by track.

Xilin Hot This is a dream I had long time ago, when “arcades and cabinets ruled the earth”, and chiptume music was so inspiring…

Yeah! I was amazed by funk-jazz-rock of Shinobi, and its Japanese style too. In the eighties there was a kind of ‘ninja-mania’, and some nice movies came up from Cannon Group, with starring Sho Kosugi or Michael Dudikoff.

This CD is the result of the previous influence, and I hope you like it. It has two remixes from the Shinobi arcade and 11 new original songs. It comes in full quality 320kbps-MP3 and CD-Box covers: front/back/disc/comments ready to print.

TRACK LISTING Running time 39:20

01. Shinobi Stage 1(*)  [2:10]

02. The Windancer [3:13]

03. Moving Phase [2:14]

04. NGC (Ninja Gambling Club) [2:58]

05. Walk and Watch [2:30]

06. The Silent Wind [4:20]

07. Bay Area [2:59]

08. Reflected Soul [2:46]

09. Ninjatech Corporation [3:51]

10. Assassins’ Lair [5:41]

11. Kosugi is Back [4:08]

12. Mission Twelve [1:57]

13. Game Over (*) [0:33]

Sounds & Shadows © 2011 All pieces are copyrighted material, except (*) 'Shinobi Stage1' and 'Game Over', © 1987 by Sega