Viriax OST

Viriax OST

Viriax is a videogame about life and death, and it was developed in three months.  For the soundtrack, I tried to build the music keeping in mind the following concepts: illness/disease, sick person, ‘nighmarish’,  recursive motifs, etc,.. and -of course- videogames.

In order to approach these concepts by music, I tried to not falling into monotonous music, but keeping the recursive basis and avoiding the ‘Machine gun effect’ by combining repetitions of different arpeggios each certain odd and even parts and cycles, and also doing some stereo changes in controlled measures. This creates a diverse sensation of disorder/order. The soundtrack is entirely composed in Pxtone format. You can download the complete OST in MP3 format by clicking on the red button below:


  1. Main Title
  2. Stage 1: Heart
  3. Stage 2: Lungs
  4. Stage 3: Intestine
  5. Stage 4: Stomach
  6. Stage 5: Brain
  7. Stage 6: N.A.S.
  8. Stage Clear
  9. Stage Clear B
  10. Stage Clear Outtake
  11. Trailer Music


Viriax OST © 2011 All pieces are copyrighted material.